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Fórmula Éxito

In Abellán y Asociados we have always based in the added value that this supposes for the clients for the valuation of our services. Preliminary diagnosis, customer information, realistic targeting and rigorous and persevering legal work have allowed brilliant statistical results as litigants, which have led the Firm to launch this offer of services based on the successful outcome of the professional action.

The success formula launched by Bufete Abellán y Asociados is based on the commitment to the interests of our clients and the added value of our services, so that clients only have to pay our fees if their claim succeeds.

In general, we apply the success formula in claims of civil liability, land clauses, mortgage expenses, surplus value (Tax on the Increase of the Value of Land of Urban Nature) and other matters previous diagnosis of viability. Matters in which the Firm not only determines the payment of fees to the success of the professional intervention, but can also assume all procedural expenses (Attorneys, Experts, rates , etc.) and, even in certain cases, the costs in case of the adverse outcome.

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