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Practice areas

The expertise of our team enables us to offer comprehensive legal solutions in different areas of law and economics. The main areas of activity are:


Private Law

Bufete Abellán y Asociados provides advice and counsel to its clients in the various aspects of civil law, property law, obligations and contracts, general and professional liability claims, inheritance, etc.


Criminal Law

Abellán and Associates is specializing in Criminal Law Occupational Safety and Health workers, town planning crimes. We advise and represent, as prosecution or defense counsel, companies and individuals involved in criminal investigations or court proceedings, cementing our position as the leading firm in this field.


Commercial Law

Bufete Abellán y Asociados has a clear vocation of service to companies and professionals in advising on all types of commercial issues such as the creation, transformation and extinction of corporations, directors' liability, restructurings and advisory groups to conflicts between shareholders and managers.


Real Estate Law and Construction

The firm advises to national and international clients in all types of real estate transactions in different sectors: urban, urban and agricultural leases, condominiums, town planning, with large experience in the public- and private-sector areas of the real estate and construction industries.

We have extensive experience in real estate transactions on all matters relating to the Building, Real Property, Construction, Conveyancing, etc.


Administrative Law

The firm has extensive experience in assisting and counsel in all types of administrative and judicial procedures. Since its foundation the firm participates in advising companies and public organizations in different sectors and issues of administrative law.

Our services cover all administrative areas.


International Law

Since the establishment of the firm, we have maintained an ongoing international vision, accompanying our clients in their operations beyond our borders, in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Our firm has the right professionals and maintains professional relationships with offices in major world capitals, ensuring an international advisory to the needs of our customers.


Restructuring and Insolvency Law

We have extensive experience in bankruptcy law, from pre bankruptcy phase, negotiation, business feasibility studies, to the defense and representation of creditors in the competition and practice of insolvency administration.

Our Restructuring and Insolvency Practice responds to the different legal problems these situations cause for creditors, recovering and defending their credits and improving payment guarantees, as well as for debtors, whether in the corporate, financial, labor, tax or procedural fields.


Transactions and Arbitration

Bufete Abellán y Asociados is fully convinced of the transaction and whether judicial extrajudicially as the best manner of resolving conflicts; promotes and facilitates the transaction on all kinds of issues with a high success rate, thus achieving a faster, beneficial, safe and cost of customer problems resolution.



The firm provides strategic consulting services in labor and human resources. The department participates in the labor law advice and counsel in corporate restructuring procedures, collective relations and litigation practice for companies from different sectors.

Our services include: Collective bargaining and labor relations; Corporate restructuring and decentralization of production; Layoffs and restructuring; Administrative and judicial review procedures; Arbitration and litigation in the social court order.


Tax Law

The Department of Tax Law provides permanent or specific tax advice and. Our professionals provide legal assistance to local taxation, tax litigation, corporate and real estate taxation and inspections.

Our team includes lawyers who dominate the tax and administrative litigation law by ensuring the best defense of the interests of our clients in all types of proceedings, appeals or litigation against the Tax Administration.

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